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Bestiary 5

Estimated Release Date: 11/18/2015
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Familiars [6]

Chicken, Flying fox, Penguin, Red panda, Seal, Trilobite

Monsters [126]

Aatheriexa, Abrikandilu, Adult Astral Dragon, Adult Dream Dragon, Adult Etheric Dragon, Adult Nightmare Dragon, Adult Occult Dragon, Aerial Servant, Ahkhat, Ahool, Akaname, Amarok, Amphiptere, Ancient Astral Dragon, Ancient Dream Dragon, Ancient Etheric Dragon, Ancient Nightmare Dragon, Ancient Occult Dragon, Android, Anemos, Animate Hair, Apallie, Apostate Devil (Deimavigga), Astomoi, Bagiennik, Balisse, Bisha Ga Tsuku, Blightspawn, Blood Caterpillar, Bone Ship, Brain Mole, Brain Mole Monarch, Caligni, Caller in Darkness, Cambion, Cameroceras, Capramace, Celedon, Ceratosaurus, Cervinal, Cerynitis, Cetus, Cherufe, Chicken, Choral, Chuspiki, Clockwork Familiar, Corpse Lotus, Crone Queen, Crystal Golem, Cuero, Cursed King, Cytillipede, Death Coach, Deep One, Deep One Hybrid, Delgeth, Digmaul, Dire Polar Bear, Doppeldrek, Dragonkin, Duppy, Dwiergeth, Echeneis, Eclipse Giant, Egregore, Elder Aether Elemental, Elder Deep One, Emotion Ooze, Empyrean, Encantado, Ether Drake, Etiainen, Exscinder, Fastachee, Fext, Firbolg, Flying Fox, Frog Father, Gancanagh, Gate Archon, Gegenees, Ghoran, Giant Assassin Bug, Goliath Frog, Gravebound, Gray, Great Assassin Bug, Greater Aether Elemental, Gristly Demodand, Heresy Devil (Ayngavhaul), Horn Caterpillar, Huge Aether Elemental, Jungle Drake, Kabandha, Knight Ant, Large Aether Elemental, Lead Golem, Leng Ghoul, Lipika, Medium Aether Elemental, Megapon Ant, Megaprimatus, Moon Giant, Othaos, Penguin, Plesiosaurus, Polar Bear, Pyrausta, Raelis, Red Panda, Reptial, Seal, Seraptis, Small Aether Elemental, Stringy Demodand, Sun Giant, Therizinosaurus, Trilobite, Troodon, Warmonger Devil (Levaloch), Young Astral Dragon, Young Dream Dragon, Young Etheric Dragon, Young Nightmare Dragon, Young Occult Dragon

Monster Subtypes [45]

Aeon, Aether, Agathion, Air, Android, Angel, Aquatic, Archon, Astomoi, Augmented, Azata, Chaotic, Clockwork, Cold, Colossus, Dark Folk, Deep One, Demodand, Demon, Devil, Earth, Elemental, Evil, Extraplanar, Fire, Giant, Good, Gray, Human, Incorporeal, Kami, Lawful, Leshy, Manasaputra, Mythic, Native, Phantom, Reptilian, Robot, Sahkil, Sasquatch, Shapechanger, Skinwalker, Swarm, Water

Monster Templates [4]

Taxidermic Creature, Tsukumogami, Tulpa, Vahana

Mythic Monsters [1]


Races [1]


Universal Monster Rules [112]

Ability Damage and Drain, All-Around Vision, Amorphous, Amphibious, Attach, Bleed, Blindsense, Blindsight, Block Attacks, Blood Drain, Blood Rage, Breath Weapon, Burn, Capsize, Change Shape, Channel Resistance, Compression, Constrict, Construct Traits, Curse, Curse of Lycanthropy, Damage Reduction, Darkvision, Disease, Display of Strength, Distraction, Dragon Cantrips, Dual Initiative, Earth Glide, Emotion Aura, Energy Drain, Engulf, Entrap, Fast Healing, Fast Swallow, Fear, Ferocity, Flight, Fortification, Freeze, Frightful Presence, Gaze, Grab, Greensight, Hardness, Heat, Hold Breath, Immunity, Incorporeal, Jet, Keen Scent, Lifesense, Light Blindness, Light Sensitivity, Lingering Breath, Low-Light Vision, Mental Static Aura, Mistsight, Multiweapon Mastery, Mythic Immortality, Mythic Magic, Mythic Power, Natural Attacks, Natural Invisibility, Negative Energy Affinity, No Breath, Ooze Traits, Paralysis, Plant Traits, Poison, Poisonous Blood, Pounce, Powerful Blows, Powerful Charge, Psychic Magic, Psychic Resilience, Pull, Push, Rake, Regeneration, Rend, Resistance, Rock Catching, Rock Throwing, Scent, Second Save, See in Darkness, Smother, Sound Mimicry, Spell Resistance, Spell-Like Abilities, Spells, Split, Steal, Stench, Strangle, Summon, Sunlight Powerlessness, Surge, Swallow Whole, Telepathy, Thoughtsense, Trample, Tremorsense, Trip, Undead Traits, Undersized Weapons, Unnatural Aura, Vulnerability, Water Dependency, Web, X-Ray Vision