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Source Bestiary 5 pg. 307, Bestiary 4 pg. 307, Mythic Adventures pg. 226
A creature with this subtype is infused with mythic power and is capable of terrible and awe-inspiring feats. Some mythic creatures are powerful versions of existing monsters (such as minotaurs and medusas), others are completely new creatures that do not have a non-mythic equivalent (such as the devastator and plague swarms). For more information on mythic creatures, see the Mythic Rules. Creatures with the mythic subtype have the following traits (these are already included in the mythic monster stat blocks presented in this book).
  • Mythic rank, a number from 1 to 10, representing its overall mythic power.
  • Natural armor increase equal to its mythic rank.
  • Additional hit points per mythic rank, based on the type of Hit Dice it has (d6, d8, and so on).
  • DR 5/epic if the creature has at least 5 Hit Dice. If the creature already had DR, it adds epic to the qualities needed to bypass that reduction.
  • Spell resistance increase (if it has spell resistance) equal to its mythic rank.
  • Ability score increases, depending on its mythic rank.
  • Mythic feats, which generally are improved versions of standard feats. Mythic feats are indicated by a superscript “M.”
  • Mythic Power (Su): The creature has the mythic power universal monster ability. The effect of these abilities depend on its mythic rank.