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Horror Haunt Elements

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
Haunts are the echoes of tormented spirits that linger in locations keyed to their suffering—and they have proven to be a favorite challenge in many adventures. The Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide introduced rules for haunts and those rules are expanded in Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures. This section introduces new elements to add to haunts, as well as variants that expand the haunt rules to apply to corrupted or twisted regions that are not tied to undeath.

The new haunt elements in this section are templates that can be applied to any haunt.

Elusive Haunt (CR +1 or +2)

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
A typical haunt can be harmed within the area of its manifestation, but an elusive haunt’s source is in a separate location. An elusive haunt can be damaged only at its source, and can manifest far away from that source, up to 100 feet per point of CR. The elusive element typically increases a haunt’s CR by 1. If the haunt is also persistent, the elusive property increases the haunt’s CR by 2.

Latent Haunt (CR +0)

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
A latent haunt’s effects are subtle and come into effect only if a creature who fails a save against the haunt fulfills a particular condition, such as visiting a certain location or performing a specific action. For example, a latent haunt may rest among the graves of victims of a serial killer, and only demonstrate its effects if the affected creature enters the killer’s manor. Latent haunts affecting a creature treat that creature as their source, and can be detected and damaged by any means that would detect or damage the haunt. A latent haunt works best if the DC of the skill check to notice it is unusually high for its CR.

Tenacious Haunt (CR +1)

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
A tenacious haunt clings desperately to its existence. When the haunt is required to attempt a saving throw, instead of automatically failing, it can attempt a saving throw with a bonus equal to 2 + its CR.

Unyielding Haunt (CR +2)

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
An unyielding haunt has all of the properties of a tenacious haunt, except when it succeeds at a saving throw against a spell or effect that would normally deal it damage, it instead takes no damage.

Variant Haunts

Source Horror Adventures pg. 172
Haunts that are not tied to undeath are not vulnerable to positive energy, and cannot be detected with spells such as detect undead or evaded with spells such as hide from undead. They have their own sets of vulnerabilities and defenses.