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Wilderness Room Augmentations

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 15
These augmentations can be added to the rooms presented in this volume or to rooms from Ultimate Campaign.

Arboreal (Augmentation)

Earnings Influence +2
Benefit Room is raised above ground
Create 6 Goods, 2 Influence, 6 Labor (300 gp); Time 15 days
Size As original room +9 spaces

This augmentation integrates a room into a large, sturdy tree or trees, raising the structure off the ground by one or two stories and wrapping the habitable space in or around the tree trunks. Usually, a room with this augmentation will have branches weaving through the room as the tree grows.

Attuned (Augmentation)

Benefit Allows the room to be affected by certain nature-related spells
Create 5 Goods, 5 Labor, 3 Magic (500 gp); Time 20 days
Size As original room

This augmentation integrates a room into the surrounding natural environment, putting the space into symbiosis with the local ecosystems. An Attuned room in a forest can be built amid great trees that act as some of the primary walls, while an Attuned room in a desert might be built to help foster the growth of desert plants. Once this augmentation is completed, the room is considered to be representative of the local flora for purposes of spells such as entangle or spike growth.