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Wilderness Managers

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 16
Managers oversee businesses, buildings, or organizations.

Animal Keeper

Wage 3 gp/day
Skills Handle Animal, Heal, Perception, Profession (animal keeper)

An Animal Keeper maintains the living area of undomesticated animals, either in a contained location (such as a menagerie) or a more open region (such as a preserve). Typically a 3rd-level expert, she sees to the feeding and first aid of animals.

Master Carpenter

Wage 4 gp/day
Skills Appraise, Craft (carpentry), Perception, Profession (clerk)

A Master Carpenter commands a business devoted to the collecting and processing of lumber into finely tooled products. She’s typically a 3rd-level expert. A Master Carpenter manages a facility that transforms raw lumber into artwork, furniture, and tools.

Master Scout

Wage 5 gp/day
Skills Climb, Perception, Stealth, Survival

A Master Scout oversees a network of agents who monitor a wide region of wilderness, coordinating reports and patrols. He’s typically a 3rd-level ranger, but could be an expert or rogue.