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Possession Feats

Source Pathfinder #28: The Infernal Syndrome pg. 57
Rare among common fiends, those capable of possession stand out in power above others of their kind. Mastering the ability to discorporate their forms and influence creatures and materials around them, such body thieves are masters of terror and manipulation. Typically only the most extraordinary and perverse fiends can make use of the powers of possession, learning such secrets from blasphemous masters or dark secrets of the multiverse. To represent this, fiends who increase in power beyond the common representatives of their kind gain access to the Possess Creature, Possess Location, and Possess Object feats and the host of terrible abilities they might provide. Using these powers, even a relatively weak fiend can come to possess an area or object, while more powerful horrors might overwhelm a mortal body. Despite the similarity to mind-affecting effects, fiendish possession has more to do with the spiritual hijacking of a body or the physical corruption of objects, and thus, creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are not immune to possession (although several possession actions themselves are mind-affecting). Creatures where the body and spirit are indivisible, as is the case with most outsiders and incorporeal undead, are immune to possession effects.