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Mythic Rules

Mythic Feats

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 54
Mythic characters and monsters gain mythic feats as they gain tiers or ranks. These feats can be selected only as part of mythic advancement (see Table 1–1), not as part of a character’s normal advancement or in place of any other bonus feat.

Most mythic feats require a non-mythic feat as a prerequisite. These mythic feats enhance the benefits of their prerequisite feats, making them truly awe-inspiring. If a character doesn’t possess any of the necessary prerequisite feats when she gains a mythic feat, she can wait to select a mythic feat until the next time she gains a tier or level.

A value in a mythic feat based on a fraction of your tier (such as a +1 bonus for every 3 tiers you possess) always has a minimum of 1.

This chapter includes some non-mythic feats. These grant a character who hasn’t had a moment of ascension a measure of mythic might, and remain relevant if that character later becomes mythic.

Mythic Feats Only characters with mythic tiers or creatures with mythic ranks can take these feats. If a creature becomes non-mythic, it no longer gains the benefit of these feats, but it doesn’t lose them permanently. If the creature becomes mythic again, it regains the use of all the mythic feats it once had. Many mythic feats enhance non-mythic feats with the same name. When a creature has a mythic version of a feat, that feat is denoted with a superscript “M” in the feat line of its stat block.

See here for the list of mythic feats