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Wilderness Teams

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 15
These teams help wilderness outposts run smoothly.


Earnings gp, Influence, or Labor +6
Create 5 Goods, 4 Influence, 7 Labor (360 gp); Time 6 days
Size 5 people
Upgrades From Archers, Guards, Robbers, or Soldiers

Skirmishers are teams of archers and soldiers trained in the ambush, scouting, and stealth tactics necessary for operating in areas heavy with vegetation or other non-uniform terrain. They are typically 3rd-level warriors equipped with leather armor, a longbow or shortbow, and a handaxe or short sword. The team also has necessary equipment for travel in one type of wilderness environment.


Earnings gp, Goods, or Labor +4
Create 2 Goods, 2 Influence, 4 Labor (180 gp); Time 3 days
Size 5 people
Upgrade From Laborers

Stewards are workers who specialize in caring for land with consideration for the local wildlife as well as any civilized inhabitants. Most stewards are 3rd-level experts with ranks in Knowledge (Nature), Perception, and Profession (gardener). Stewards may be trained professionals or common workers who have gained experience over time.