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Planar Races

Source Planar Adventures pg. 9
The following races all have specific ties to portions of the multiverse beyond the Material Plane (note that not all of these are native outsiders, and in addition to being found on the plane indicated below, all of these races can also be encountered on the Material Plane).

Aasimar: Aasimars carry the blood of good-aligned outsiders in their veins. They can be found in Heaven, Nirvana, or Elysium, depending upon their heritage.

Aphorite: Aphorites were created by axiomites to facilitate their interactions with mortals. They can often be found on Axis.

Duskwalker: Duskwalkers are souls who have incarnated directly into the Material Plane from the Boneyard; as a result, most are now found on Material Plane worlds.

Fetchling: Descended from humans who became trapped on the Shadow Plane, most fetchlings treat that sinister plane as home.

Ganzi: Infused with strange energies and entropic legacies, ganzis are mortal incarnations of the myriad and mutable forces of chaos. They are typically encountered in the Maelstrom, but can also be found in Elysium or the Abyss.

Gathlain: Rarely encountered on the Material Plane, the fey gathlains are most often found in the First World.

Ifrit: Ifrits trace their lineage back to creatures from the Plane of Fire. They can be encountered on the Plane of Fire.

Oread: Oreads boast the influence of shaitans and other earth creatures in their veins. They can be found on the Plane of Earth.

Shabti: Shabtis are broken bits of mortal souls made flesh. They are encountered only on the Material Plane.

Suli: Sulis are descended from the unions of mortals and jaan. They can sometimes be encountered on the Elemental Planes, but the majority dwell on the Material Plane.

Sylph: Sylphs are infused with the blood and power of creatures of elemental air. They can often be found on the Plane of Air.

Tiefling: Tieflings are mortals who have fiends in their ancestry. They can be found in Hell, Abaddon, or the Abyss, depending upon their heritage.

Undine: Undines are the descendants of those who have mingled with creatures of elemental water. They can be found on the Plane of Water.

Wayang: Wayangs originally came from the Shadow Plane, but are rarely found there today— most dwell now on the Material Plane.