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Wilderness Rooms

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 14
The rooms below can help characters survive in the wild.

Archery Range

Earnings gp or Influence +8
Benefit Decreased chance of fired arrows being destroyed or lost
Create 12 Goods, 12 Labor (480 gp); Time 25 days
Size 20–50 squares

An Archery Range is an open area where one can train with ranged weapons. One end of the range features targets and a soft wall (often several feet of stacked hay or loose earth) to absorb missed shots, while the other side has benches, tables, and firing stands to accommodate trainees. Because the targets and soft wall behind them are designed to absorb ranged attacks, arrows that strike either surface have only a 5% chance of being destroyed or lost.


Earnings gp or Influence +2
Benefit Perception check required to see through
Create 3 Goods, 2 Influence, 3 Labor (180 gp); Time 10 days
Size 10–30 squares

A Blind is a semisolid wall constructed out of area-appropriate debris and flora. Between 10 and 15 feet high, a Blind helps to conceal any structures behind it as it blends in with the nearby landscape. Structures behind a Blind can be seen only with a successful DC 15 Perception check, and targets of ranged attacks made through a blind gain concealment. One Blind can cover 20 squares' worth of structures; multiple Blinds can be used to conceal larger structures. A Blind can be thickened for double the construction cost, increasing the DC of the Perception check to see through the Blind to 20 and granting total concealment to creatures hiding behind it.


Earnings gp or Influence +4
Create 15 Goods, 10 Labor (500 gp); Time 30 days
Size 5–10 squares

A Grotto is a naturally or artificially shaped cave in which people can live. Compared to a standard cave, a Grotto will usually boast features that make habitation more pleasant, such as door-sized openings, access to neighboring caves or water, and adequate ventilation.

Mystic Greenhouse

Earnings gp, Goods, Influence, or Magic +4
Benefit Bonus on Charisma-based checks attempted against creatures inside
Create 8 Goods, 3 Influence, 7 Labor, 5 Magic (890 gp); Time 20 days
Size 10–20 squares
Upgrades From Greenhouse

A Mystic Greenhouse has been specially modified to accommodate both the mundane and magical needs of supernatural plants and creatures of the plant type, making them easier to work with. In addition to the glass walls of a traditional Greenhouse, this chamber is set with devices that focus ambient magical energy to the benefit of those creatures growing inside, such as rune-inscribed plates or mirrors arranged to reflect and funnel magical energy. After a full day of exposure to the Mystical Greenhouse's beneficial effects, creatures within become relaxed and compliant. Other creatures gain a +2 bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks against creatures that have spent the past 24 hours in a Mystic Greenhouse.


Earnings gp or Goods +15
Create 100 Goods (2,000 gp); Time 365 days
Size 300–500 squares

Rangelands are vast, unfenced areas of natural terrain that can be used to run large herds of cattle such as aurochs, horses, and sheep. While Rangelands can produce a significant profit, they involve a major investment of time and effort to maintain long enough for the herd to produce new livestock, as well as for livestock born in previous years to grow enough to be butchered, sheared, or otherwise harvested. Rangelands are different from pastures or farmlands in that they contain only native, local plant life, rather than crops placed to make them more effective grazing lands. Small communities often depend on Rangelands as their primary sources of income, and it is not uncommon for tribes to go to war over control of local Rangelands.

Reservoir System

Earnings gp, Influence, or Labor +10
Create 10 Goods, 10 Labor (400 gp); Time 40 days
Size 25–50 squares (though individual pools can be smaller)

A Reservoir System is a series of interconnected pools or tanks meant to collect and hold water from rains, springs, and other natural sources to act as a resource for plumbing networks or a source of water during times of drought. The pools are sealed to minimize water loss from evaporation and absorption into the surrounding ground, so the Reservoir System can be relied on throughout an entire dry season.

Watering Hole

Earnings gp, Goods, or Influence +8
Create 10 Goods, 3 Influence, 5 Labor (200 gp); Time 25 days
Size 30–50 squares

A Watering Hole provides bathing and drinking water for animals and traveling caravans. In addition to the pool of water itself, the Watering Hole also provides open space around it where animals can gather and rest. The pool can be a modified natural pond or spring, or it may be an artificially constructed pool that maximizes shore space around which animals can gather. Watering Holes often attract predators, which must be driven off or killed.