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Source Occult Adventures pg. 200
According to esoteric traditions, the vital force of ki derives from the Positive Energy Plane and flows to initiates via the emanations of the sun. To students of the occult, every star holds a gate to the realm of positive energy, and through these gates flows the force of life itself in the form of ki. Ki collects in seven mystical vortices within the body called chakras. When observing a living creature’s etheric double—its manifestation on the Ethereal Plane—its chakras appear as small disks whirling with brilliant, colorful energy. The chakras distribute this energy throughout the creature’s physical body, granting it animate force and giving order to its constituent molecules.

Enlightened initiates versed in the mysteries of ki can awaken their chakras to unlock fabulous mystical powers, but doing so means channeling an even more dangerous and esoteric life force than ki—the potent and ancient kundalini, also known as the serpent-fire.

Unlike ki, kundalini flows not from the heavens above but from the ground below. Some mystics claim its colorful name derives from the fact that its mastery was first pioneered by the ancient serpentfolk who ruled the world millennia ago, but another explanation is that kundalini energy flows through the seven chakras in a coiling, ophidian manner. The kundalini flow awakens each chakra in turn. As it progresses from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head, the serpent-fire opens new vistas of personal power to the initiate, granting her unique supernatural abilities.

Activating Chakras

Source Occult Adventures pg. 200
Awakening the chakras requires a basic mastery of ki energy techniques, and is possible only for an initiate with the ki pool class feature or some other means of utilizing ki (such as the rogue’s ki pool rogue talent). The initiate must also possess the Psychic Sensitivity feat or have levels in one of the occult classes presented in this book.

Awakening chakras or maintaining awakened chakras is a swift action that costs 1 ki point. On the first round, this opens the root chakra. Each round after the first, it opens the next chakra in the sequence, up to the crown chakra on the seventh round. Once the initiate has begun awakening his chakras, each round he must continue opening chakras or maintain his awakened chakras, or all of his chakras close and he must begin again from the root chakra. If he pauses in the progression, he can resume it at any time, provided he has spent 1 ki point per round in the meanwhile to maintain his open chakras. Each round, when expending the ki for that round, the initiate can select the benefit from one chakra awakened up to that point. For example, if after 4 rounds the initiate has awakened three chakras, he can gain the ability of any of those three. To open a chakra, the initiate’s character level (or total HD) must equal at least double the chakra’s rank. For example, an initiate must be 14th level to open his crown chakra.

Manipulation of the serpent-fire involves considerable risk. Every round in which a character has one or more awakened chakras, he must succeed at Fortitude and Will saving throws, adding his Charisma modifier to each save, to resist the inherent dangers of the kundalini flow as it suffuses his body with spiritual fire. The save DCs are equal to 10 + the sum of the ranks of the awakened chakras. For example, awakening the root, sacral, and navel chakras would result in a DC of 16. Opening all seven chakras at once results in DC 38 saves. The save DC totals are listed after each chakra’s rank and title. If the initiate fails the Fortitude save, he takes 1d6 points of damage per awakened chakra. If the initiate fails the Will save, he is overcome with visions related to the emotions and concepts associated with the awakened chakras, causing him to be dazed for 1 round and causing all of his chakras to close.

1. Root Chakra (DC 11): The root chakra is associated with instinct, security, survival, and potential for greater development. It energizes the desires of the flesh and distributes ki throughout the blood to circulate heat to the body. Kundalini energy is sometimes depicted as a serpent coiled around the root chakra, ready to ascend on a path from the body’s lower, basic urges and instincts to the heights of a disciplined and enlightened mind.

By awakening his root chakra, the initiate opens himself to an inflow of serpent-fire energy. The bloom of occult power strengthens his aura, granting him DR/— equal to the number of chakras opened for 1 round. The initiate must be at least 2nd level before he can open this chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra (DC 13): The sacral chakra is closely associated with the generative power of the reproductive cycle, as well as pleasure, addiction, creativity, emotional needs, and relationships. When the sacral chakra is awakened, the adept recalls moments of sensual or creative ecstasy, when consciousness slips from the physical body into astral realms of weightless bliss. When opened, the sacral chakra gleams with sunlike radiance.

By awakening his sacral chakra, the initiate gains a fly speed equal to his base movement for 1 round with average maneuverability. The movement must begin and end on a solid surface. The initiate must be at least 4th level before he can open this chakra.

3. Navel Chakra (DC 16): The navel chakra is sometimes called the power chakra, for it is associated with fire, combustion, digestion, anger, joy, fear, anxiety, and laughter. Here the serpent-fire swirls and swells with heat and vital energy, the source of the so-called “fire in the belly” of common parlance.

Upon awakening his navel chakra, the initiate can channel the serpent-fire as a breath attack that deals 2d8 points of damage in a 30-foot cone. This radiant gout of orange-red liquid flame somewhat resembles fire, but bypasses all forms of energy resistance, protection, and immunity. The amount of damage increases by 1d8 for each open chakra beyond the 3rd, to a maximum of 6d8 if all of the chakras are awakened. The initiate must be at least 6th level before he can open this chakra.

4. Heart Chakra (DC 20): The heart chakra is the seat of higher feelings and emotions, an inner realm of compassion, tenderness, love, and rejection. When infused with the substance of a creature’s aura, the energies of the heart chakra can take on powerful healing capabilities.

Once the heart chakra has been awakened, the initiate can channel his serpent-fire into a torrent of healing energy. He can use this ability on himself or touch any adjacent living creature with this fire to heal an amount of damage equal to 1d8 + double the number of chakras he has awakened. In addition, he can remove one of the following conditions from the creature healed: confused, nauseated, sickened, staggered, or stunned. This fire has no effect on constructs, undead, or other creatures that are not alive. The initiate must be at least 8th level before he can open this chakra.

5. Throat Chakra (DC 25): Speech and hearing are nothing more than vibrations, and the throat chakra thrums with the occult vibrations that govern existence. Here the urges and emotions of the lower chakras give way to more refined, cerebral vistas, making the throat chakra the bridge between feeling and thinking.

By awakening the throat chakra, the initiate can tap into the primordial mystical language underlying all things—the raw tongue of the multiverse that gives motion to atoms, keeps planets rotating in infinite space, and orders the coruscations of the stars. When using this chakra, the initiate slips into a kind of trance. He can take actions as normal, but he constantly mutters incoherent, often disturbing utterances of a vastly primal nature. Each round, he can select one enemy within 30 feet. That foe must succeed at a Will save to resist becoming staggered for 1 round. The DC of this save is 10 + 1/2 the initiate’s total Hit Dice + his Charisma modifier. This is a sonic mind-affecting effect. The initiate must be at least 10th level before he can open this chakra.

6. Brow Chakra (DC 31): Also called the intuitive chakra, this force center governs occult vision, both literal and metaphorical. Once the brow chakra has been opened, the initiate gains the benefits of true seeing for 1 round. Engaging this force center literally opens a shining third eye of psychic energy upon the initiate’s forehead. The mystical eye is easily perceived by anyone looking at the initiate, and persists so long as he maintains the brow chakra. The initiate must be at least 12th level before he can open this chakra.

7. Crown Chakra (DC 38): Channeling serpent-fire through all seven chakras at the same time aligns the initiate’s life energy to its utmost potential, bathing his aura in glimmering golden hues that illuminate his head like a gleaming halo. For the briefest of moments, he transcends mortality to become a being of temporary divinity. This alignment with the cosmic harmony of the multiverse grants him enormous sway over probability.

Once the crown chakra is opened, the initiate becomes fully in tune with the powers of the multiverse, allowing him to gain the benefit of any two distinct chakras each round. He gains this benefit even if he doesn’t select the crown chakra. If he selects the crown chakra, every time he would roll a d20 during that turn (such as when attempting an attack roll, a saving throw, or a skill check), he can roll twice and take the higher result. The initiate must be at least 14th level before he can open this chakra.