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Words of Power

Introducing Words of Power

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 193
If you are a GM and would like to introduce wordspells to your campaign in a limited way, consider providing the PCs with a cache of wordspell potions, scrolls, or wands. This gives the PCs a concrete and limited set of wordspells with which they can experiment, and doesn’t require them to learn the entire system at once. It may be helpful to provide a copy of the rules for the words contained in the item so the player can reference that specific combination. For example, if the PCs discover a scroll of elder cure, give the players the text of the elder cure word (see page 179) so they know exactly how the scroll works.

Once the players are familiar with the system, and they want to experiment with using other wordspells, you can allow spellcaster PCs that are already in the campaign to take the Experimental Spellcaster feat, or a player can start a new wordcaster character.