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Wilderness Buildings

Source Heroes of the Wild pg. 16
The following buildings are found in Golarion’s wilds.

Bandit Camp, Large

Create 99 Goods, 19 Influence, 96 Labor, 1 Magic (4,270 gp)
Rooms 1 Animal Pen, 1 Archery Range*, 1 Armory, 6 Blinds*, 1 Cell, 1 Courtyard, 1 Forge, 1 Garden, 1 Grotto*, 1 Infirmary, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Pit, 1 Stall, 1 Storage

This semipermanent camp includes a few simple wooden structures hidden from the view of prying eyes by Blinds, allowing dozens of bandits to operate in the wilderness year-round with relative security.

Druid' Grove

Create 109 Goods, 19 Influence, 100 Labor, 10 Magic (5,750 gp)
Rooms 1 Altar, 2 Arboreal* (Altar and Sanctum), 1 Attuned* (Courtyard), 1 Courtyard, 2 Defensive Walls, 1 Garden, 1 Mystic Greenhouse*, 1 Grotto*, 2 Habitats, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Sanctum, 1 Sauna

This is a refuge in the wild where spellcasters tied to nature can enjoy shelter and practice their crafts in outdoor surroundings. Most Druid’s Groves serve primarily as places of worship, but they can also act as military strongholds for druids operating in wildernesses with particularly dangerous fauna, or who find themselves at odds with local settlements and governments.


Create 107 Goods, 15 Influence, 98 Labor, 6 Magic (5,150 gp)
Rooms 1 Armory, 1 Arboreal* (Guard Post), 2 Attuned* (2 Defensive Walls), 1 Bunk, 1 Cistern, 1 Common Room, 2 Defensive Walls, 1 Fortification (Guard Post), 1 Grotto*, 1 Guard Post, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Office, 1 Storage, 1 War Room

The reinforced, highly defensible structures built into the natural terrain known as Redoubts are often constructed to take advantage of locations such as cave entrances, mountain passes, or river fords. Communities may build Redoubts as defensive positions in times of war when their farms and towns can’t be defended effectively. Lords trying to tame and control newly claimed lands often make the construction of a Redoubt their first order of business as a temporary measure until a keep or larger fortification can be built.


Create 78 Goods, 12 Influence, 76 Labor (3,440 gp)
Rooms 6 Arboreal* (2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Sitting Room, 1 Storage), 2 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Lavatory, 1 Sitting Room, 2 Storages, 1 Pit

Treehouse strongholds are particularly popular among small communities living in wildernesses so dangerous that sleeping on the ground is never safe. Such groups craft residences sized for one or two families into the boughs of neighboring trees, with bridges connecting the individual structures.

Treehouses are also popular among scouts and ranger organizations who wish to maintain a permanent presence in the wild but do not wish to be easily found. The most well-established ranger strongholds combine thick walls with the advantage of high ground, adding six Fortification augmentations at an additional cost of 48 Goods and 42 Labor, or 1,800 gp. Even larger buildings with arboreal augmentations can be found in Kyonin and, according to rumor, the Uskwood.

Witch Hut

Create 111 Goods, 4 Influence, 105 Labor, 23 Magic (7,500 gp)
Rooms 1 Alchemy Lab, 1 Altar, 1 Animal Pen, 1 Artisan’s Workshop, 10 Attuned* (all), 1 Bedroom, 1 Book Repository, 1 Escape Route, 1 Greenhouse, 1 Laboratory, 1 Storage

Be it a crazy old hermit, a hag, or just an herbalist who likes to live near the source of her craft, a spellcaster who prefers to dwell far from civilization calls this structure home.

Wood Shop

Create 31 Goods, 1 Influence, 28 Labor (1,210 gp)
Rooms 1 Artisan’s Workshop, 1 Mill Room, 1 Office, 2 Storages, 1 Storefront

A Wood Shop is a facility specially focused on the output of fine woodwork, from simple furniture to custom, masterwork engines of war.