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Words of Power

Words of Power in the Worlds

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 164
Words of power represent a primal form of magic used in ages past. As such, use of the words of power system is rare these days, and its practitioners tend to be masters of esoteric lore. Words of power constitute a root system, from which all modern magic descends. Although powerful, this system is more primitive in some ways than modern magic. Flexible, but lacking the refinement of modern spells, this system allows spellcasters to shape magic in ways they never could before, while simultaneously preventing them from producing the same sort of incredibly specific effects that ordinary spellcasters master. It is not surprising that most magical institutions and centers for learning treat words of power as an archaic art, to be studied along with other historical matters, but not actually practiced. Those who delve into the lore of words of power often find themselves lost in an ancient art that they alone might now know. There is power there, but each wordcaster must find it alone.