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Mythic Feats

Description Source Mythic Adventures pg. 54
Only characters with mythic tiers or creatures with mythic ranks can take these feats. If a creature becomes non-mythic, it no longer gains the benefit of these feats, but it doesn’t lose them permanently. If the creature becomes mythic again, it regains the use of all the mythic feats it once had.

Many mythic feats enhance non-mythic feats with the same name. When a creature has a mythic version of a feat, that feat is denoted with a superscript “M” in the feat line of its stat block. Other superscript combinations refer to the books cited on page 7.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Accursed HexAccursed HexTarget Accursed Hex must roll second save twice and take lower result
Acrobatic AcrobaticGain an additional +2 bonus on Acrobatic and Fly, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Alertness AlertnessGain an additional +2 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Alignment Channel Alignment ChannelChanneled energy effects creatures with the alignment you choose, not just the subtype
Animal Affinity Animal AffinityGain an additional +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks, and expend mythic power to use speak with animals
Arcane Armor Training Arcane Armor TrainingGain the benefits of this feat without taking a swift action
Arcane Blast Arcane BlastAPGHalve the damage to perform trip or bull rush
Arcane Shield Arcane ShieldAPGAdd 1/2 your mythic tier to the bonus granted by Arcane Shield, and expend mythic power to extend the shield's duration
Arcane Strike Arcane StrikeArcane strike lasts 1 minute, and expend mythic power to grant magic weapon special abilities
Aspect of the Beast Aspect of the BeastAPGAspect manifests itself in new and powerful ways
Athletic AthleticGain an additional +2 bonus on Climb and Swim checks, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Augment Summoning Augment SummoningSummoned creatures are considered mythic
Bleeding Critical Bleeding Critical, Critical Focus (mythic)Bleed damage and the DC to staunch it increases by mythic tier
Blind-Fight Blind-FightExpend mythic power to ignore concealment miss chance
Catch Off-Guard Catch Off-GuardAdd mythic tier to damage with improvised weapons
Channel Smite Channel SmiteGain a bonus on attacks based on power of channel
Charge Through Charge ThroughAPGIgnore allies and make overruns when you charge through
Cleave CleaveMake additional cleaves to any foes in reach regardless of position
Combat Expertise Combat ExpertiseGain an additional +2 dodge bonus and expend mythic power to reduce penalties
Combat Reflexes Combat ReflexesYou can make any number of attacks of opportunity
Command Undead Command UndeadIncrease Will save by mythic tier when commanding undead
Critical Focus Critical FocusAutomatically confirm critical hits against non-mythic foes and increased chance to bypass fortification
Critical Mastery Critical Focus (mythic), Critical MasteryDeal additional critical feats based on mythic tier
Dastardly Finish Dastardly FinishAPGCoup de grace dazed and staggered non-mythic foes
Dazzling Display Dazzling DisplayUse Dazzling Display faster and expend mythic power to frighten opponents
Deadly Aim Deadly AimIncrease damage bonus
Deadly Stroke Deadly StrokeExpend mythic power to instantly kill non-mythic targets
Death from Above Death from AboveUCIncrease critical threat modifier and make a trip combat maneuver when charging from above
Deceitful DeceitfulGain an additional +2 bonus on Bluff and Disguise, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Deepsight DeepsightAPGDarkvision increases by 10 ft. per mythic tier
Defensive Combat Training Defensive Combat Training, 4th mythic tierAdd 1/2 mythic tier to CMD
Deflect Arrows Deflect ArrowsDeflect additional attacks, and expend mythic power to deflect rays
Deft Hands Deft HandsGain an additional +2 bonus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Detect Expertise Detect ExpertiseUMGain the benefit of Detect Expertise immediately
Disruptive DisruptiveIncrease the DC to cast spells defensively within your threatened area
Distance Thrower Str 17, Distance ThrowerUCThrow weapons twice the normal range
Divine Interference Divine InterferenceUMDouble or triple the penalty on your opponent’s attack roll
Dodge DodgeGain a +1 dodge bonus and expend mythic power to gain a +10 dodge bonus against one attack
Dreadful Carnage Dreadful CarnageAPGYour carnage has a greater effect against non-mythic foes and expend mythic power to frighten foes
Drink Is Life Con 19, 3rd mythic tierGain benefits from alcohol consumption
Dual Path 1st mythic tierGain abilities from a second mythic path
Eagle Eyes Eagle EyesAPGIgnore Perception distance penalties
Eldritch Heritage Eldritch HeritageUMGain increased bloodline powers
Elemental Channel Elemental ChannelAffect any elemental subtype
Elemental Fist Elemental FistAPGIncrease damage and frequency of Elemental Fist
Elemental Focus Elemental FocusAPGIncrease the DCs and expend mythic power to force opponents to roll twice and take the lowest result when saving against focus spells
Elven Accuracy Elven AccuracyAPGIgnore concealment with bows
Endurance EnduranceIncrease bonus on checks and saves based on mythic tier
Eschew Materials Eschew MaterialsCast spells without need for costly material components
Extra Mythic PowerGain two extra uses of mythic power
Extra Path Ability 3rd mythic tierGain an extra path ability
Fabulous Figments Spell Focus (illusion)Non-mythic creatures can’t identify your illusions
Far Shot Far ShotExpend mythic power to ignore range increments
Fast Empathy Fast EmpathyUMUse wild empathy as a swift action
Fire Music Fire MusicUMFire Music ignores fire resistance based on tier
Fleet FleetLand speed increases by 5 feet regardless of armor or encumbrance
Furious Focus Furious FocusAPGIgnore Power Attack penalties when using Furious Focus
Gnome Trickster Gnome TricksterAPGGain more spell-like abilities and use your gnome spell-like abilities more often
Gorgon's Fist Gorgon’s FistDaze target of your Gorgon’s Fist attack
Great Fortitude Great FortitudeRoll twice and take the higher result on Fort saves against a non-mythic source
Guided Hand Guided HandUCApply Wisdom bonus instead of Strength or Dexterity bonus on favored weapon damage
Heroic Defiance Heroic DefianceAPGOnce per day, attempt to negate the onset of a harmful condition or affliction
Heroic Recovery Heroic RecoveryAPGExpend mythic power to save again against a condition or affliction
Improved Bull Rush Improved Bull RushGain a bonus on bull rush based on mythic tier
Improved Channel Improved ChannelNon-mythic creatures that take damage from your channel roll twice on their saves and take the lower result
Improved Counterspell Improved CounterspellSpells of the same school and equal or higher level can counterspell
Improved Critical Improved Critical, base attack bonus +8Increase the critical multiplier by 1
Improved Dirty Trick Improved Dirty TrickAPGGain a bonus on dirty tricks based on mythic tier
Improved Disarm Improved DisarmGain a bonus on disarms based on mythic tier
Improved Drag Improved DragAPGGain a bonus on drags based on mythic tier
Improved Familiar Improved FamiliarFamiliar’s abilities improve based on mythic tier
Improved Grapple Improved GrappleGain a bonus on grapples based on mythic tier
Improved Initiative Improved InitiativeIncrease bonus by mythic tier
Improved Overrun Improved OverrunGain a bonus on overruns based on mythic tier
Improved Reposition Improved RepositionAPGGain a bonus on repositions based on mythic tier
Improved Steal Improved StealAPGGain a bonus on steals based on mythic tier
Improved Stonecunning Improved StonecunningAPGGain stone tell as a spell-like ability
Improved Sunder Improved SunderGain a bonus on sunders based on mythic tier
Improved Trip Improved TripGain a bonus on trips based on mythic tier
Improved Unarmed Strike Improved Unarmed StrikeGain a bonus to damage based on mythic tier and expend mythic power to overcome hardness
Intimidating Prowess Intimidating ProwessGain a bonus on Intimidate against non-mythic creatures based on mythic tier
Iron Will Iron WillWhen you make a Will save from a non-mythic source, roll twice and take the higher result
Knockout Artist Knockout ArtistUCUse d8s for sneak attacks with unarmed strike nonlethal damage
Legendary Teamwork Any two teamwork featsIncrease any fixed numeric bonuses to teamwork feats by 1
Lightning Reflexes Lightning ReflexesWhen making a Reflex save from a non-mythic source, roll twice and take the higher result
Lucky Halfling Lucky HalflingAPGIncrease the bonus based on tier and expend mythic power to negate the effects of a successful save
Lucky Surge Potent Surge, 3rd mythic tierRoll surge twice and take the highest result
Lunge LungeWhen you hit with lunge, don’t take an AC penalty against that creature
Magical Aptitude Magical AptitudeGain an additional +2 bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Manyshot ManyshotFire two arrows with your first and second attack
Maximize Surge 6th mythic tierExpend use of mythic power to maximize surge
Medusa's Wrath Medusa’s WrathMake a single attack to stagger your foe
Missile Shield Missile ShieldAPGDeflect a number of ranged attacks equal to 1/2 your mythic tier
Mobility MobilityGain a +6 bonus instead of +4 and when an attack misses move 5 feet
Monastic Legacy Monastic LegacyUCAdd 1/2 your non-monk class levels to determine AC bonus, and expend mythic power to increase your unarmed strike damage and AC bonus
Mounted Archery Mounted ArcheryWhen using your mount as cover, make a ranged weapon attack as a standard action
Mounted Combat Mounted CombatNegate additional number of hits against your mount based on mythic tier
Mythic Crafter Any item creation featCreate mythic magic items
Mythic ParagonYour mythic tier is considered 2 higher when determining the potency of your mythic abilities
Mythic Spell Lore Ability to cast spellsGain mythic spells equal to your mythic tier
Natural Spell Natural SpellUse spell completion and spell trigger items while in wild shape
Nimble Moves Nimble MovesIgnore an amount of difficult terrain based on your tier
Penetrating Strike Penetrating StrikeIgnore additional DR based on mythic tier
Persuasive PersuasiveGain an additional +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Pinpoint Targeting Pinpoint TargetingUse Pinpoint Targeting even when you move
Point-Blank ShotPoint-Blank ShotGain greater bonuses with Point-Blank Shot
Potent SurgeAdd 1 to surge result
Power AttackPower AttackPower Attack damage increases based on tier
Powerful ShapePowerful ShapeUMApply the giant simple template to wild shape
Prophetic VisionaryProphetic VisionaryUMUse augury at will
Quick DrawQuick DrawDraw any item as a free action, expend mythic power to draw two items
Racial HeritageRacial HeritageAPGGain a single racial trait of your choice
Rapid ReloadRapid ReloadReload all weapons faster
Rapid ShotRapid ShotIgnore the –2 penalty or make two additional attacks
Rhetorical FlourishRhetorical FlourishUCIncrease the bonus on Diplomacy checks based on mythic tier
Ride-By AttackRide-By AttackMake additional attacks against successive targets after you hit
RunRunRun faster and for longer
Saving ShieldSaving ShieldAPGWhen you negate an attack, make attack of opportunity against attacker
Scorpion StyleScorpion StyleAdd mythic tier to duration or slow your target
Selective ChannelingSelective ChannelingIncrease the power of your channel based on the number of creatures excluded
Self-SufficientSelf-SufficientGain an additional +2 bonus on Heal and Survival, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Shatter DefensesShatter DefensesTarget is flat-footed to all attacks
Shield FocusShield FocusAdd shield bonus and shield’s enhancement’s bonus to touch AC
Shield SlamShield SlamThose knocked into walls or other barriers take additional damage
Shot on the RunShot on the Run, base attack bonus +6Make two attacks during a move instead of one
Skill FocusSkill FocusAlways take 10 or 20 even when rushed or threatened
Snatch ArrowsSnatch ArrowsUse snatched thrown weapons as immediate attack melee weapons
SociableSociableAPGIncrease the bonus on Diplomacy or gain the normal bonus without an action
Spell FocusSpell FocusIncrease the DC of Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus
Spell MasterySpell MasteryPrepare selected spells as a full-round action
Spell PenetrationSpell PenetrationAdd 1/2 mythic tier to level checks to overcome spell resistance
SpellbreakerSpellbreakerNon-mythic casters provoke attacks of opportunity when casting defensively
Spirited ChargeSpirited ChargeStagger those your mount charges
Spontaneous MetafocusSpontaneous MetafocusUMChange the spells of your metafocus each morning
Spring AttackSpring Attack, base attack bonus +6Make first attack before moving
Stealthy StealthyGain an additional +2 bonus on Escape Artist and Stealth, and expend mythic power to treat one of these checks as if you rolled a 20
Strike Back Strike BackMove toward the subject of your readied action attack
Strong Comeback Strong ComebackUCWhen rerolling, roll twice and take the higher result
Stunning Fist Stunning FistIncrease the DC of Stunning Fist based on mythic tier
Throw Anything Throw AnythingGain a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls with improvised thrown weapons and splash weapons
Titan StrikeImproved Unarmed Strike (mythic)Your unarmed strike deals damage as if you were one size category larger
Toughness ToughnessGain twice as many hit points, and gain DR 10/epic below 0 hit points
Trample TrampleMount can make two hoof attacks instead of one
Tripping Staff Tripping StaffUMYour CMD against trips is increased based on tier and those who trip you and fail provoke an attack of opportunity from you
Turn Undead Turn UndeadTurning range increases by tier, and you can use Turn Undead to destroy undead
Two-Fisted Drinker Quick DrawDraw two potions or drinks as a move action and drink both as a standard action
Two-Weapon Defense Two-Weapon DefenseApply the enhancement bonus from your weapons to your shield bonus
Two-Weapon Fighting Two-Weapon FightingExpend mythic power to negate penalties
Two-Weapon Rend Two-Weapon RendRend damage increases to 2d8 plus twice Strength modifier
Undead Master Undead MasterUMAdd your mythic tier to your caster level to determine number of undead animated
Unseat UnseatWhen unseated, your target takes falling damage based on tier
Valiant Vault Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Ride 5 ranksWhen mount leaps over foes attack as you pass
Vital Strike Vital StrikeMultiply all damage when you Vital Strike
Voice of the Sibyl Voice of the SibylUMIncrease Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perform (oratory) skill bonus based on mythic tier
Warrior Priest Warrior PriestUMIncrease bonus on initiative and concentration checks based on mythic tier
Weapon Finesse Weapon FinesseUse Dexterity modifier on both attack and damage rolls
Weapon Focus Weapon FocusDouble the bonuses on attack rolls and expend mythic power to gain a higher bonus
Weapon Specialization Weapon SpecializationIncrease bonus to damage rolls based on mythic tier
Witch Knife Witch KnifeUMUse your witch knife as a focus for all spells, not just patron spells