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Panache Feats

Description Source Advanced Class Guide pg. 1
Panache feats interact with the swashbuckler’s panache class ability or the panache granted by the Amateur Swashbuckler feat (see page 141). Swashbucklers can take panache feats as bonus feats.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Confounding Tumble DeedAmateur Swashbuckler feat or panache class feature, Canny Tumble, Acrobatics 7 ranksWhen you avoid attacks of opportunity and hit a foe, you can deny it its Dex bonus to AC for 1 round
Dastardly Trick*Int 13; Amateur SwashbucklerACG or panacheACG class feature; Combat Expertise; Improved Dirty TrickAPGYour dirty tricks are harder to remove
Disarming Threat DeedAmateur Swashbuckler or panache class feature; Diplomacy 2 ranks, Intimidate 2 ranksUse Intimidate without making the target unfriendly
Dueling Cape Deed*Amateur Swashbuckler† or panache† class feature; Dodge, Sleight of Hand 1 rankUse your cape as a snaring buckler
Enrage Opponent*Cha 13, Amateur SwashbucklerACG or panache class featureACG, PersuasiveLower angered opponent's defenses until she attacks you
Extra PanacheAmateur Swashbuckler or panache class featureGain 2 extra panache points
Lightning Draw*Quick Draw, swashbuckler initiativeACG deed, swashbuckler level 7thDraw weapons reflexively
Musketeer's Daring*Dex 15, derring-do deed, swashbuckler level 6thReroll derring-do on a natural 5
Musketeer's Sidestep*Dodging panache deed, swashbuckler level 3rdIncrease the bonus from dodging panahce and your movement doesn't provoke
Pommel Strike DeedAmateur Swashbuckler or panache class feature; base attack bonus +3Attack with a light or one-handed piercing weapon’s pommel and knock down foes
Structural Strike*Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks, precise strike class feature or precise strikeACG deedUse precise strike against creatures normally immune