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Witch Knife

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 159
You empower your witch spells by incorporating the use of a special ceremonial knife during your castings.

Prerequisites: Witch class.

Benefit: Each day, when you prepare your spells, you can select a masterwork or magical dagger, transforming it into a witch knife, which serves as an additional focus component for witch patron spells. Add +1 to the DC of all your patron spells.

Mythic Witch Knife

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 77
Your witch knife is as much an extension of your body as it is an extension of your power.

Prerequisites: Witch KnifeUM.

Benefit: You can use your witch knife as an additional focus component for all your witch spells, not just your patron spells, adding 1 to their DC. This bonus stacks with the bonus to patron spells granted by Witch Knife, granting your patron spells a total +2 bonus to their DC. Additionally, the hand holding the witch knife is still considered free for the purpose of casting spells and delivering touch attacks.