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Varisian Tattoo

Source Inner Sea World Guide pg. 289, Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide pg. 15, Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 147
You bear intricate tattoos that inspire and empower your natural magic ability. These tattoos mark you as a worker of the ancient traditions of Varisian magic. A Varisian tattoo typically consists of a long string of complex characters from the Thassilonian alphabet.

Prerequisites: Spell Focus.

Benefit: Select a school of magic (other than divination) in which you have Spell Focus—you cast spells from this school at +1 caster level. Additionally, you gain a single spell-like ability usable up to three times per day. The spell-like ability gained (and its Varisian name) are as follows:

Abjuration (avidais): resistance
Conjuration (idolis): acid splash
Enchantment (carnasia): daze
Evocation (ragario): dancing lights
Illusion (vangloris): ghost sound
Necromancy (voratalo): touch of fatigue
Transmutation (avaria): mage hand