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Truth-Seeker (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 13
A tantalizing secret from the past calls to you, and you intend to discover it.

Prerequisites: You must have visited a ruin or forgotten place that has been abandoned for at least five times as long as you’ve been alive.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (history) checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in Knowledge (history), this bonus increases to +4.

Goal: You must discover, explore, and publicly reveal an important secret that has been unknown to the world for at least 100 years.

Completion Benefit: Whenever you pass within 10 feet of a secret door, you receive an immediate Perception check to notice the passage. This check should be made in secret by the GM. In addition, whenever you attempt a Will save to disbelieve an illusion, you may roll twice and take the better result.

Suggested Traits: Avid Reader, Mystery Initiate, SkepticAPG.

Possible Truth-Seeker Quests

1You dream of braving the flooded ruins of Lirgen in the Sodden Lands in order to discover the secret that drove many of the now-defunct Saoc Brethren utterly insane (page 174).
2The secret of how the Pactmasters of Katapesh came to power is within your reach, if only you could go to that nation to truly discover it (page 91).
3Seeing the pathetic mess of politics that paralyzes the once-great nation of Nex, you have vowed to discover what really happened to that kingdom and bring proof (or the mysterious archwizard himself) to the world at large (page 130).
4Clues point you toward the Arcadian Ocean to discover why the aboleths ever became involved with the ancient Azlanti in the first place (page 211).
5The god-kings of Ancient Osirion demonstrated magic little-seen today, some say powered by the supplication of their slaves. How they fell from power is still a mystery (page 212).
6You intend to learn just what the elven refuge Sovyrian is and how to get there, even if you have to coax the secret out of one of the reclusive rulers of Kyonin (page 94).
7You yearn to discover the secrets of Shory aeromancy, which supposedly now lay hidden in the jungle depths of the Mwangi Expanse (page 212).
8The rulers of the Technic League in Silver Mount have long kept their alien methods and practices a secret from the outside world, but you’ve set to remedy that (page 145).
9You’ve heard tale of ancient warriors now frozen in time beneath the Stasis Fields of Sargava, and curiosity beckons you to determine what secrets these paralyzed prisoners of war may hold from eons long past (page 169).
10The mysteries of Hyrantam, drowned capital of the nowdefunct nation of Lirgen, call to you. If you can excavate the flooded halls of the city’s famed observatories and soaring towers, glory and gold surely await (page 177).
11The exact workings of the dragon-ruled island of Hermea in the Steaming Sea has long befuddled sailors and other Avistani explorers, who are constantly rebutted by the powerful entity that supposedly dwells there. Perhaps by revealing the secrets of that paradisiacal island you can share in the fame of Hermea’s enigmatic ruler (page 179).
12The secret to how the Worldwound formed may lie buried in Sarkorian ruins that have fallen into the Abyss, and you’re determined to discover the cause behind the extraplanar rift (page 198).