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Swipe and Stash (Combat)

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 94
Your fast fingers allow you to deftly deposit an item on someone else.

Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand 5 ranks.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can attempt a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check to plant a small object on a creature. The target is entitled to a Perception check opposed by your Sleight of Hand check to notice you planting the item. This does not force the creature to wear, wield, or otherwise use the item; you simply plant it on the creature’s person. The DC increases to 30 if the target is not wearing clothing, armor, tack and harness (if an animal or similar creature), or some other equivalent accoutrements in which you can hide the item.

In combat, you must succeed at a stealAPG combat maneuver in order to plant an item on a creature while attempting a Sleight of Hand check opposed by the target’s Perception check to do so without the target noticing. You are automatically unnoticed if you succeed and have the Greater StealAPG feat.

If you steal an object with a successful Sleight of Hand check or steal combat maneuver check, you can use this feat as a swift action to plant it on another creature within reach before the end of your turn.

Special: If you have Walking Sleight, you can take either or both of your actions with Swipe and Stash at any point during your movement in the same round, moving both before and after both snatching and planting the object if you wish to do so and have enough movement.