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Summon Good Monster

Source Champions of Purity pg. 33
You can summon the aid of creatures driven by their very nature to destroy evil.

Prerequisites: Good alignment.

Benefit: When casting summon monster, you also gain access to the list of good monsters below. Your righteous determination grants these summoned creatures the Diehard feat. You may still summon creatures from the standard list, but without the Diehard feat.

1st Level
Celestial dog (NG)
Celestial dolphin (NG)
Celestial eagle (NG)
Celestial fire beetle (NG)
Celestial pony (NG)
Celestial viper (NG)

2nd Level
Celestial octopus (NG)
Celestial wolf (NG)
FaunB3 (CG)
GrigB2 (without fiddle ability) (NG)
Pseudodragon (NG)

3rd Level
Blink dog (LG)
Celestial shark (NG)
Foo dogB3 (NG)
Lantern archon (LG)
Lyrakien azataB2 (CG)
Silvanshee agathionB2 (NG)

4th Level
Celestial dire wolf (NG)
Celestial giant eagle (NG)
Celestial pegasus (CG)
Faerie dragonB3 (NG)
Foo lionB3 (NG)
Hound archon (LG)
Pixie (NG)

5th Level
Bralani azata (GC)
Celestial orca (NG)
Djinni (CG)
Unicorn (CG)
Vulpinal agathionB2 (NG)

6th Level
Celestial giant octopus (NG)
KirinB3 (LG)
Legion archonB3 (LG)
Lillend azata (LG)
Wood giantB2 (CG)

7th Level
Celestial dire shark (NG)
Celestial roc (NG)
Movanic devaB2 (NG)
SheduB3 (LG)
Shield archonB2 (LG)
Treant (NG)
Young bronze dragon (LG)

8th Level
Cloud giant (NG)
Dragon horseB2 (NG)
LammasuB3 (LG)
Monadic devaB2 (NG)
Young gold dragon (LG)

9th Level
Astral deva (NG)
Couatl (LG)
Ghaele azata (CG)
Leonal agathionB2 (NG)
Storm giant (CG)
Trumpet archon (LG)