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Subconscious Ursurpation

Source Haunted Heroes Handbook pg. 6
You have trained your subconscious to overpower your conscious mind under dire circumstances.

Prerequisites: Base Will save bonus +2.

Benefit: You can attempt to force yourself to act normally while your conscious mind is impaired. At the start of any turn that you are under the effects of a compulsion, confusion, or possession effect, you can attempt a Will saving throw (DC = the original effect’s save DC). If your saving throw is successful, you can perform one purely mental action (such as casting a psychic spell) as though you weren’t under the effects of a compulsion, confusion, or possession effect. This mental action must be a free action, a swift action, a move action, or a standard action. All other actions that you take during the turn are subject to the compulsion, confusion, or possession effect.