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Startling Shapechanger

Source Blood of the Beast pg. 14
You use your shapechanging abilities in order to demoralize your enemies.

Prerequisites: Dazzling Display, change shape ability, shapechanger subtype.

Benefit: You abruptly change shape, startling those who aren’t prepared for your reveal. Whenever you use your change shape ability to assume a new form or return to your true form, you can also use Dazzling Display as a free action. Reduce the result of your Intimidate check by 5 against opponents who know that you are a shapechanger. When using Dazzling Display in this manner, you can use the feat without needing a weapon in hand.

Special: A character with the wild shape class feature counts as having the change shape ability and shapechanger subtype for the purpose of meeting this feat’s prerequisites. A character with wild shape can use this feat’s benefit whenever she uses wild shape to assume a new form or return to her true form.