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Shared Ownership (Teamwork)

Source Inner Sea Races pg. 209
The concept of ownership is rather flexible among you and your friends.

Prerequisites: Well-PreparedAPG, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, halfling.

Benefit: Whenever you’re within 30 feet of a halfling ally who also has this feat, as a move action you can draw an item in that ally’s possession as if it were on your person. This is not a magical effect—you just conveniently happen to remember that you had borrowed that item earlier. The item must be something that easily fits in a pocket or sleeve, such as a dagger, potion, wand, or scroll. When you or an ally draw an item (whether or not you do so using Shared Ownership) or otherwise definitively establish who is holding the item, you can’t use Shared Ownership to draw the item in this manner until you have had at least 1 hour to mingle with your companions.