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Source Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 107
You possess a deep, mystical connection to the various ruins scattered around the Mwangi Expanse.

Prerequisites: Wis 15, ability to cast spells, Mwangi Expanse affinity.

Benefit: When you are standing upon or within a Mwangi ruin that covers at least 500 square feet, you may tap into the latent spiritual energies still held by the stones of that place to grant improve your own spellcasting abilities.

Mwangi ruins possess varying degrees of power described by a power level, typically 1 to 5. As a move action, you may tap into a ruin’s spiritual energies for 1 round with a DC 10 Concentration check. Failure leaves you fatigued (or exhausted, if already fatigued; or unconscious, if already exhausted). The DC increases by 5 for each power level beyond 1. You may tap the spiritual energies of a ruin in one of three ways.

Harm: Whenever you cast a spell that deals hit point damage, the spell deals additional damage equal to the ruin’s power level.

Increase: The DC to resist a spell you cast increases by the ruin’s power level.

Penetrate: A spell you cast that must penetrate spell resistance gains a bonus on your caster level check equal to the ruin’s power level.

Special: Most Mwangi ruins are power level 1, with only a handful being power level 2. Holy Xatramba is the only power level 3 ruin, Doorway to the Red Star is the only power level 4 ruin, and Ruins of Kho is the only power level 5 ruin.

It is up to your GM as to whether ruins outside of the Mwangi Expanse possess power levels and what levels they are.