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Rival (Story)

Source Spymaster's Handbook pg. 16
You have a rival, and the two of you try to sabotage, humiliate, or otherwise defeat each other without allowing anyone else to interfere.

Prerequisites: You must have at least one enemy who wishes to outdo you. If you have multiple rivals, the GM may keep the specific rival secret, or have many of your enemies work together against you. If your rival is not already a challenging foe, it either advances to become one or allies itself with others one or more creatures who are .

Benefit: Your striving pushes you to become ever more skillful. When you gain this feat, and every 2 character levels thereafter, either you gain 1 skill point or your Fame score increases by 1 (if your game uses the reputation and Fame system from Ultimate Campaign).

Goal: Thwart your rival without anyone else directly interfering. Achieving your rival’s goal before her in a manner that humiliates her or completely steals her glory through your direct actions also qualifies.

Completion Benefit: Once per day, you can take 20 on a single skill check as a standard action if the skill check is one that would allow you to take 20.