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Prophet (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 12, Ultimate Campaign pg. 71
The truth has been revealed, and you have been chosen to deliver it.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast divine spells, and you must either have received a vision from your god (or another appropriate supernatural entity) or have the Marked by the Gods background (see Ultimate Campaign).

Benefit: If you are nonevil and worship a nonevil deity, whenever you cast a beneficial spell on an ally you gain a +1 sacred bonus to AC for 1 round per spell level. If you are evil or worship an evil deity, whenever you cast a harmful spell on an enemy you gain a +1 profane bonus to AC for 1 round per spell level. Casting a spell on yourself does not count unless it also affects an ally.

Goal: Convert an appropriate number of creatures to the worship of your deity.

Completion Benefit: Your bonus to AC for casting beneficial or harmful spells on allies increases to +2, and the bonus also applies on saving throws for the same duration.

Suggested Traits: Called, Ease of FaithAPG, Mystery Initiate.

Possible Prophet Quests

1You have been tasked with bringing Iomedae’s faith to “uncivilized” backwoods people in a randomly determined nation (page 222).
2The Umbral Court of Nidal expressly forbids the worship of gods other than Zon-Kuthon within their shadowy nation, but you’re set to protect and spread Desna’s ideals to the Nidalese, either at large or in a relatively confined region, such as around the Atteran Ranches (page 135).
3You seek to aid the little-known breed of horse-headed centaurs in the Exalted Wood in Razmiran and introduce them to your faith (page 159).
4The Last Temple of Rahadoum offers the potential of many desperate evangelists who might aid you in spreading your god’s faith in that domineering nation of atheists (page 157).
5Inspired by the Hellknights of the Order of the Godclaw, you preach the words of your lawful patron among the rebellious rabble of Cheliax, whom you will turn into models of discipline whether they like it or not (page 266).
6Disgusted by the disrespect of the Molthuni toward the once-sacred valley called Deadeye’s Haunt, you intend to show them the error of their ways with the power of Erastil (page 139).
7You spread the faith of Milani, the Everbloom, by expelling unjust tyrants and aiding the downtrodden (page 229).
8Your patron—a demon lord, archdevil, or other generally unwanted influence (determine randomly)—inspires you to disguise your faith and reveal it only slowly to potential converts in order to lure them into the fold (page 231).