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Profits of Kalistrade

Source Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 73
Your careful investments provide you with liquid assets with which you may gain the use of various items on a temporary basis.

Prerequisites: Diplomacy 1 rank, Druma affinity.

Benefit: By utilizing your mercantile connections, when you gain this feat you acquire a resource pool worth 100 gp. You may add to this resource pool with gold you acquire through adventuring, but once you put it in, it remains a part of your resource pool thereafter. Your resource pool increases by 100 gp at levels 2–5, 500 gp at levels 6–10, 1,000 gp at levels 11–15, and 5,000 gp at levels 16 and up.

You may utilize this resource pool in any community of village size or larger by requesting an item (mundane or magical). If the item you request is worth less than the community’s gp limit, you gain it within 1d4 hours. If the item exceeds the community’s gp limit but is less than double the limit, you gain the item within 1d4 days. An item more than twice as expensive as a community’s gp limit is unavailable. For as long as you have the item in your possession, your resource pool is reduced by the amount of the item’s value. If you lose the item or otherwise cannot return it to the resource pool, the pool permanently decreases by the value of the item. A charged item acquired in this way loses a percentage of its value based on the number of charges used, and when returned to the resource pool it reduces the size of the pool an equal amount.

Your resource pool is available to you even outside of Druma, but in that case gaining a requested item takes 1 hour longer if below a community’s gp limit or 1 day longer if above.