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Personal Chronicler

Source Plane-Hopper's Handbook pg. 16
Psychopomps have sent a nosoi scribe to record your actions.

Prerequisites: Duskwalker.

Benefit: You gain a fledgling nosoi familiar as per the arcane bond class feature, using your character level as your wizard level. Treat this as either a raven or a whippoorwill familiar (a whippoorwill uses the statistics for a thrush, but grants a +3 bonus to Intimidate instead of Diplomacy). If you have the ability to gain a familiar through other means and you are at least 5th level, the bird is instead treated as a nosoi as though you had taken the Improved Familiar feat. You can have only one familiar.

This feat can be taken a second time by a character of 7th level or higher if that character doesn’t otherwise have access to a familiar. Such characters treat their familiars as nosoi, as described above.

Special: If you ever willingly consort with sahkils or undead, your familiar abandons you and reports your actions to the nearest psychopomps. To regain your familiar, you must atone for your deeds via the atonement spell.