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Source Qadira, Jewel of the East pg. 16
The closest relationship one can achieve with an established merchant house is to be named a partner.

Prerequisites: Character level 9th. The character must have been a colleague of the merchant house for at least 3 years, and must have performed a life-changing service for a member of the house, such as saving her life or setting up a lucrative trade network in an otherwise inaccessible area (such as another plane).

Benefit: The character is offered adoption into the merchant family and citizenship in the empire of Kelesh, if she is not already a citizen. The character draws a stipend of 1,000 gp per month (funded by the house), can borrow up to 50,000 gp per year at no interest (the amount must be paid back within 1 year), and receives the non-monetary benefits detailed at the colleague level. Upon the character’s elevation to the status of partner, the house gifts her with a custom magic item worth no more than 12,000 gp.