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Noble Scion (Cheliax)

Source Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 71
You are a member of a proud Chelaxian noble family.

Prerequisites: Cheliax affinity, member of Chelish noble house.

Benefit: You gain benefits based on the noble house to which you belong.

Charthagnion: Whenever you take 10 on a Wisdom-based skill, treat the result as if you rolled a 13 instead of a 10.
Henderthane: Whenever you purchase a weapon anywhere in Avistan—melee or ranged, mundane or magical—you pay 10% less than the normal cost.
Jeggare: You begin play with an additional 200 gp. In addition, at 10th level you gain a one-time 10,000 gp stipend.
Leroung: You gain a +1 bonus on every Knowledge skill in which you have at least 5 ranks.
Narikopolus: Whenever you use a composite Strength bow of your Strength bonus or lower, you deal +2 points of damage with it.
Sarini: Perform (comedy) is always a class skill for you. You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Perform (comedy) skill checks.
Thrune: You gain Infernal as a bonus language. In addition, at 9th level you may bind to yourself an imp servitor in a ritual that takes 7 days. Your imp servitor grants and possesses all the benefits and abilities of a 1st-level sorcerer’s familiar.

Special: You may only gain this feat at 1st level.