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Light Bearer

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 134
You recruit a torchbearer who joins you on your adventures to help illuminate even the darkest dungeons.

Prerequisites: Character level 4th.

Benefit: This feat is similar to the Leadership feat, with several exceptions. You can attract only a 1st-level cohort (referred to hereafter as a light bearer) with this feat, and can’t recruit followers. You determine your Leadership score according to the rules presented in the Leadership feat, but your light bearer is always at least 3 levels lower than your level. A light bearer can take levels in alchemist, fighter, or rogue. The light bearer cannot multiclass, though he can take any archetype for which he qualifies.

The radius of normal and increased illumination shed by whatever alchemical or mundane light source the light bearer carries increases by 10 feet. He also gains a +4 bonus on all saving throws made against an effect that would extinguish any nonmagical (including alchemical) light source he carries.

If a light bearer gains enough XP to bring him to 2 levels lower than your level, he doesn’t gain the new level until you gain your next level; until you advance, his XP total remains 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level.

If you release your light bearer from service or otherwise lose your light bearer, you can recruit a new one. At 7th level, you can swap this feat for the Leadership feat.