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Liberator (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 11, Ultimate Campaign pg. 70
Your time in shackles has forever marked your soul.

Prerequisites: You must have been enslaved for at least 6 months, or have the Imprisoned or Kidnapped background (see Ultimate Campaign).

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, and skill checks when your actions would directly lead to freeing prisoners or slaves.

Goal: Free at least 200 slaves through perilous rescues (not merely buying them at market).

Completion Benefit: You gain the ability to inspire others through your dedication to your cause. Allies within 20 feet receive your Liberator feat bonuses when working with you to free prisoners or slaves. In addition, as a standard action you can inspire slaves and former slaves within 120 feet, giving them temporary hit points equal to 1/2 your character level and a +1 bonus on saving throws. These benefits last for 1 hour, and a given creature can receive this benefit only once per day. These are mind-affecting effects, and the inspiring bonus is language-dependent.

Suggested Traits: ReactionaryAPG, Secret-Keeper, Supportive.

Possible Liberator Quests

1Halfling slave-liberators have asked you to meet them in a nondescript pub in Corentyn, Cheliax (page 54).
2The child of escaped slaves held on Stonespine Island and sold in the Fleshfairs of Okeno, you dream of going to Katapesh to free others like your parents (page 93).
3After visiting Absalom for a short time, you were stunned to find the practice of slavery so prevalent in the Coins district of that city, and now you intend to clean up the streets as best you can (page 39).
4The Gray Corsairs need information on the defenses of several Rahadoumi slave ships they plan to raid (page 265).
5Sedeq, slave capital of Qadira, trades in genies and elemental kin, many of whom wield magic that they might grant to those who free them (page 153).
6Though the slaves of Molthune live better than in most other countries, their rise to full citizenship does not come fast enough for your tastes (page 123).
7Lizardfolk raid the slave-trading town of Neruma in the Shackles with increasing frequency, providing you an opportunity to free slaves held in the town in the midst of the chaos (page 172).
8The slave-monster battles of Greenblood in the Sodden Lands inflame your sensibilities, even if the brutes who brawl in the tournaments there are supposedly irredeemably foul creatures. Regardless, you know they suffer a fate none should behold, and are intent on freeing them (page 176).
9There is said to be a forest in Irrisen called Chillblight, where the fey rule over their human thralls. Only the aid of an outsider can save these enslaved innocents from their icy masters (page 80).
10While you rarely have dealings with the mongrelmen of the Darklands, rumors of hundreds of enslaved members of their kind in the underground settlement of Corgunbier pushes you to action (page 59).
11Master of Blades and ex-slave Mardinus in Citadel Gheradesca has spouted dogma of the heights one can achieve through hard work, and you’re intent to put that theory to the test when you pick his brain for the locations of other enslaved peoples (page 266).
12Breaking out enslaved allies from the city of Hagegraf in the Darklands will be no easy task, but you’re willing to risk it all for your comrades trapped in the duergar city (page 59).