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Harvest Parts (Item Creation)

Source Monster Hunter's Handbook pg. 24
You can extract the choicest parts from a monster’s carcass to use as resources when crafting items.

Prerequisites: Craft (any) 1 rank or Heal 1 rank.

Benefit: You can attempt a Craft or Heal check, as though making a trophy, to gain usable resources from a creature that has been dead for less than an hour. Only creatures with a CR of 1 or higher yield usable parts. The value of the parts you harvest is equal to the creature’s CR squared × 10 gp (increases to CR derived from class levels or templates do not contribute to this value). This value can be used only as raw materials for crafting alchemical, masterwork, mundane, or magic items. Items crafted using creature parts must be made of a suitable material—typically bone or hide, with metal only in extraordinary cases. No more than a quarter of a crafted item’s cost can be supplied with harvested parts. Harvested parts remain usable for 2 days before they rot (unless used to craft objects or somehow preserved). Creature parts that are harvested in this manner can’t be bought or sold in most settlements.

Crafting Trophies

Although any character can take trophies from fallen creatures for cosmetic or roleplaying purposes, the following feats allow characters to derive functionality from items they salvage from monstrous corpses. These feats work similarly to item creation feats, except trophies are created using a single Craft or Heal check, they are nonmagical, and the benefits they provide are typically temporary. The DC of such a check is equal to 15 + the creature’s CR, and creating a trophy takes a number of minutes equal to the creature’s CR.