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Hand's Autonomy

Source Haunted Heroes Handbook pg. 24
Your possessed hand can act independently.

Prerequisites: Possessed Hand.

Benefit: You reduce the penalties for fighting with two weapons (including fighting with double weapons or when throwing weapons from each hand) by 2, to a minimum penalty of –1. This benefit stacks with the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. When you are unconscious, paralyzed, asleep, or stunned, your possessed hand can still act on your behalf in a limited fashion. The hand uses your statistics when performing any action in this manner. The hand can’t take attacks of opportunity, but can draw attacks of opportunity from actions it takes. The hand can perform the following actions each turn on your initiative count.
  • The hand can retrieve or pick up an item or weapon as a standard action.
  • The hand can attempt any of the following skill checks at a –4 penalty: Disable Device, Escape Artist, Heal, Sleight of Hand, or Use Magic Device.
  • The hand can knock you prone as a free action, and drag you while you’re prone at a speed of 5 feet as a fullround action.
  • The hand can perform any other action appropriate for a hand and an arm, such as pouring a held potion into your mouth or awakening you from a sleep spell.
  • The hand can make a single melee or ranged attack with a light or one-handed weapon as a full-round action.