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Grow Plant Creature (Item Creation)

Source Cohorts and Companions pg. 20
Through careful study and communion with nature, you have learned how to cultivate and raise plant creatures.

Prerequisites: Train Plants, Handle Animal 5 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks.

Benefit: You can grow plants and perform rituals to invest them with animating spirits, becoming Assassin Vine, treants, or viper vines. Each plant creature has a list of additional prerequisites, costs, and skill checks required to grow them (see Growing Plant Creatures below). At the GM’s discretion, characters with this feat may grow other plant creatures as well.

Assassin Vine

An assassin vine is usually grown deep in a forest or swamp, although it’s possible to cultivate an assassin vine among overgrown grape vines if the area is shaded from direct sun.
Price 7,750 gp


Requirements Grow Plant Creature, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks, entangle, summon nature’s ally IV; Skill Check Knowledge (nature) DC 16


The ancient knowledge and wisdom possessed by the spirit of a treant is unmatched. A treant is usually grown in a grove of ancient trees of the predominant local variety.
Price 25,750 gp


Requirements Grow Plant Creature, Knowledge (nature) 10 ranks, Knowledge (geography or history) 4 ranks, liveoak, speak with plants; Skill Check Knowledge (nature) DC 24

Viper Vine

Terrifying and deadly, viper vines (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 279) make excellent guardians. A viper vine is usually grown in jungles or swamps.
Price 43,750 gp


Requirements Grow Plant Creature, Knowledge (nature) 12 ranks, entangle, summon nature’s ally VII; Skill Check Knowledge (nature) DC 32