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Greater Ray Shield (Combat, Shield Mastery)

Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 18
You can turn your shield to deflect rays and other ranged attacks without harming it.

Prerequisites: Dex 17, Missile Shield, Ray ShieldAPG, Spellbreaker.

Benefit: When you use the Ray Shield feat, your shield is not affected by the deflected ranged touch attack.

Combat Trick (from the Combat Stamina feat)

Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 20
When you successfully deflect a ranged touch attack, you can spend 10 stamina points as a swift or immediate action to reflect the attack toward another target, which must be within 60 feet of you. The total distance from the original attacker, to you, and then to the new target cannot exceed the original attack’s maximum range. You take a –5 penalty on the ranged touch attack to hit the new target. (See page 18.)