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Forward from Beneath (Story)

Source Pathfinder #131: The Reaper's Right Hand pg. 78
You have vowed to infiltrate your wicked kin and redeem your family’s reputation.

Prerequisites: Be a member of House Kastner, be a good-aligned member of a family or organization whose secret evil has been publicly revealed, or have the Dishonored Family or Betrayal backgrounds.

Benefit: Your experience with infiltrating your own family or organization gives you a +2 bonus on Disguise checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in Disguise, this bonus increases to +4. If you are not evil, as a standard action you can choose to radiate a faint aura of evil for the purposes of spells such as detect evil. You can dismiss this ersatz aura as a standard action.

Goal: Redeem your family or organization.

Completion Benefit: You gain the benefit of undetectable alignment as a constant spell-like ability. You can suppress or resume this ability as a standard action.