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Fire Music

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 150
Your ability to command fire and bardic music has created a strange blend of both magics.

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 5 ranks, ability to cast bard spells, ability to cast an arcane fire spell from some other spellcasting class.

Benefit: When you cast a bard spell that deals damage, you may replace the spell’s normal damage with fire damage or split the spell’s damage so that half of it is the normal damage type and half is fire damage.

If you cast a summon monster spell as a bard spell, you may choose to give the summoned creature a fiery appearance, which gives it fire resistance 5 and adds +1 fire damage to all of its natural attacks. The creature sheds dim light in a 5-foot radius. This aspect of the feat has no effect if the creature already has the fire subtype.

When you use this feat, the affected spell gains the fire descriptor.

Mythic Fire Music

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 65
You masterfully weave the ancient melodies of fire into your spells.

Prerequisites: Fire MusicUM.

Benefit: When you use Fire Music to change any of the damage dealt by a bard spell to fire damage, that damage ignores fire resistance up to your tier.

If you cast summon monster as a bard spell and choose to give the summoned creature a fiery appearance, increase its fire resistance by 5 (adding to the resistance already granted by Fire Music) and add 1d4 points of fire damage to all of its natural attacks instead of the +1 fire damage normally granted by Fire Music. Creatures with the fire subtype also gain these benefits.