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Field Repair

Source Ultimate Combat pg. 101
You can repair your broken weapon or armor to serviceability even without the benefits of artisan tools.

Prerequisites: Craft 4 ranks.

Benefit: If you are trained in a Craft skill appropriate to a broken item, you can repair that item with no raw material cost and no penalty on your Craft skill check for using improvised tools. If you spend a day, the item regains 1 hit point plus one-quarter of its original hit points. Alternatively, if the item gained the broken condition because it is a firearm that has misfired or a siege engine that suffered a mishap, or has the broken condition because it has the fragile weapon quality (or some similar quality), you can make a Craft check with the DC it takes to craft that item (see Table 2–2, below). If the check succeeds, the item loses the broken condition.

Normal: Improvised tools impose a –2 penalty on Craft checks. Items require raw materials to repair.

Item Craft Skill Craft DC
A weapon with the fragile special quality Weapon or Bow Normal DC –5
One-handed firearm Firearm 20
Two-handed firearm Firearm 20
Siege firearm, heavy Firearm 25
Siege firearm, medium Firearm 30
Siege firearm, light Firearm 35
Ranged siege engine, heavy Siege Engine 20
Ranged siege engine, medium Siege Engine 25