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Esoteric Conjuration (Esoteric)

Source Pathfinder Unchained pg. 154
Prismatic sand refracts the spatial energies of your conjuration magic, creating a magical distortion.

Benefit: When you cast a conjuration spell using prismatic sand as an esoteric material component, select one creature summoned, called, or moved from another plane by your spell. For 1 round, that creature hasn’t fully phased onto the current plane, causing all attacks against it to suffer a 20% miss chance (attacks without attack rolls deal 20% less damage).

When you gain prismatic sand’s greater component effect with a conjuration spell, treat your caster level as an additional 2 higher for determining the range. This happens regardless of whether you chose to increase range or area with the greater component effect. This feat does not allow you to further increase the size of an area.