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Dynasty Founder (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 9
You will claim rulership of a city, whether under a larger government or independently.

Prerequisites: You must have lived in the chosen city for at least 1 year or be the heir of a former city leader.

Benefit: You gain followers as if you had the Leadership feat, although you cannot attract followers of a level higher than your level – 2. If you also have the Leadership feat, increase your Leadership score by 3 for the purpose of determining how many followers you have.

Goal: Thwart all rivals to rulership over the chosen region, including at least one challenging foe.

Completion Benefit: You gain control of the settlement (see the settlement rules in the Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide). Upon gaining this benefit and once per year thereafter, you can attempt to alter the settlement in one of the following ways by attempting a DC 25 Diplomacy check modified by the settlement’s Society modifier or a DC 25 Intimidate check modified by its Law modifier:
  • Move the settlement’s alignment 1 step closer to yours along either the good-evil or law-chaos axis.
  • Replace one settlement quality with another.
  • Change the government type.
  • Significantly alter the laws.
Failure indicates that popular opinion in the city successfully opposes you.

In addition, from now on, your followers gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and saving throws as long as they can see you.

Special: For groups using the kingdom-building rules from Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign, you can optionally use the rules for establishing a settlement to complete the goal of this story feat.

Suggested Traits: Domineering, Inspiring, Natural- Born LeaderAPG.

Possible Dynasty Founder Quests

1Trollheim awaits the slayer of a linnorm to claim the city’s empty throne (page 105).
2Whispers of rebellion against House Surtova draw you toward Restov in Brevoy (page 53).
3River Kingdoms denizens respect openly seizing what you want, and you want the throne of a River Kingdom, such as that of King Irovetti of Pitax (page 163).
4Mendev’s understaffed fringe cities wait to be claimed by valiant crusaders (page 119).
5You believe that the Black Sovereign has ruled Numeria’s capital of Starfall for too long (page 145).
6Riddleport in Varisia is chaotic and poorly governed, but a strong leader might become ruler with enough support from one of its various factions (page 197).
7Outlaws lairing in the Vergan Forest will need a strong leader if they are to successfully rebel against the living god Razmir (page 161).
8The ruler of Lastwall (or some other randomly determined nation) promises rulership of a city to any hero who can slay a menacing dragon in the nearby woods (page 100).
9The empire of Minkai in Tian Xia has been in a state of turmoil since Emperor Shigure Higashiyama was deposed by his own clansmen. If you are to seize a kingdom in the Dragon Empires, now is the time (page 208).
10If you can slay the dreaded creature known as the Devil in Gray in Lozeri of Ustalav, then perhaps you can inspire enough faith in the surrounding populace to usurp the ruling council of Courtaud (page 193).
11The Byzantine nature of Taldor’s burdensome bureaucracy can make it easy for a silver-tongued beguiler to achieve some station of power in the nation (page 184).
12By winning the Free Captain’s Regatta in the Shackles, you hope to achieve a place on the infamous Pirate Council and gain control of your own island (page 171).