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Dolphin Circle (Combat)

Source Aquatic Adventures pg. 57
You circle your foes like dolphins, forcing them to play into your attacks.

Prerequisites: Dolphin Dart, Dolphin Style, Improved Unarmed Strike, Swim 10 ranks, base attack bonus +10 or monk level 10th.

Benefit: While in Dolphin Style, as a full-round action underwater you can choose a circular path starting and ending in your current space whose length is no longer than you could swim with a single move action. You circle around that path until your next turn, and this movement doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. You are considered to be in every space along the path for the purpose of threatening squares and providing flanking for other allies (but not yourself ), as well as whether you are in the area of an area effect. Other creatures can attack you (and touch you with beneficial touch spells) as if you were in every space along the path. However, you don’t count as being in any of the spaces for the purpose of other creatures moving through an occupied space. At the beginning of your next turn, choose any space along the path to stop circling.