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Divine Interference

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 149
You can convert a spell to interfere with an enemy’s attack.

Prerequisites: Divine spellcaster, caster level 10th.

Benefit: As an immediate action, when an enemy within 30 feet hits an ally with an attack, you can sacrifice a prepared divine spell or (if you are a spontaneous caster) an unused spell slot and make the enemy reroll the attack roll. The second attack roll takes a penalty equal to the level of the spell you sacrifice. You must sacrifice a spell of 1st-level or higher to use this ability. Whether or not the second attack is successful, you cannot use this effect on the same creature again for 1 day.

Mythic Divine Interference

Source Mythic Adventures pg. 63
Your divine power thwarts enemies of your faith.

Prerequisites: Divine InterferenceUM.

Benefit: When you use Divine Interference, the penalty on your opponent’s attack roll is equal to twice the level of the spell sacrificed. You can expend one use of mythic power when you sacrifice the spell to increase the penalty to triple the level of the spell sacrificed.