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Desert Dweller

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 109, Pathfinder Campaign Setting pg. 138, Inner Sea World Guide pg. 286
The endless sands and waterless wastes are your home, and neither the heat nor dehydration presents as lethal of a threat to you as it does to other travelers.

Prerequisites: Favored terrain (desert) class feature.

Benefit: You treat hot environments (Core Rulebook 444) as though they were one step less severe; if you have a similar ability from another feat, such as Torrid Tolerance, the benefits stack and you treat hot conditions as if they were two steps less severe. You need to consume only half the normal amount of water for a creature of your size, and you gain a +4 bonus on Constitution checks to resist the effects of thirst. You also gain a +4 bonus on saving throws and checks to avoid becoming blinded or dazzled by glare or being deceived by a desert mirage.