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Source Qadira, Jewel of the East pg. 16
A colleague controls a significant business or trading area, or otherwise wields significant influence within a house’s network.

Prerequisites: The character must be of character level 4th and must have been a client for at least 1 year, during which the character must have changed the attitudes of any contacts from the house to helpful and maintained them at that level. The character must also present the merchant house with a unique gift of great value. This need not be monetary in nature—it may be, for example, reclaiming an ancestral sword thought lost or introducing a member of the house to someone who becomes her spouse.

Benefit: Once per month, a colleague can choose one of the following: 1,000 gp, the services of four house guards (see Client above) for 24 hours, the services of a house emissary (see Client above), or the services of a house lawyer (who pays bail and advises the colleague if she is arrested or charged with a crime). Upon the character’s elevation to the status of colleague, the house commissions a custom crafted magical item worth up to 4,500 gp as a gift.