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Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge (Combat)

Source Blood of Shadows pg. 25
Your increased martial skill allows you to take advantage of distracted foes to easily impose conditions, and even steal items without being noticed.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Cloak and Dagger Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty TrickAPG, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +11.

Benefit: While you are using Cloak and Dagger Style and wielding your chosen weapon, whenever you make an attack of opportunity against a target, you can attempt a free dirty trickAPG combat maneuver check against the target as a free action as well. Additionally, whenever you successfully perform a dirty trick maneuver against a target, you can immediately attempt a stealAPG combat maneuver check against the target as a free action. If you succeed, the target is unaware you have stolen an item.