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Blinded Competence (Combat)

Source Blood of Shadows pg. 24
Your lack of sight enables you to strike your foes with uncanny precision.

Prerequisites: Blinded Blade Style, Blind-Fight, Improved Blind-FightAPG, Perception 10 ranks.

Benefit: While you are using Blinded Blade Style and you are blinded or unable to see, you do not need to succeed at Perception checks to pinpoint the location of creatures within reach of your melee weapon, or your unmodified reach if you are not wielding a melee weapon. This ability functions like blindsense, except creatures you cannot see do not gain total concealment against you. Having this feat counts as having 15 ranks in Perception for the purpose of satisfying the prerequisites of the Greater Blind-FightAPG feat, as well as any feat that lists Greater Blind-FightAPG as a prerequisite.