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Awakened Hag Heritage

Source Blood of the Coven pg. 4
Through ritual or force of will, you have awakened the latent power inherited from your hag mother.

Prerequisites: Iron Will or Mother’s Gift, changeling.

Benefit: Your hag heritage racial abilities grow more powerful, granting you a +2 racial bonus on saving throws to resist arcane spells. You also gain a secondary ability that varies by your hag heritage; see the individual changeling heritage entries on pages 5–9.

Special: As you grow closer to your hag nature, you occasionally manifest signs of supernatural evil. Each day at midnight, there is a 50% chance you radiate an evil aura for the purposes of divination spells and spell-like abilities for the following 24 hours. On these days, you also cause minor displays of corruption nearby—such as curling pages or spoiling milk—at the GM’s discretion