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Artifact Hunter (Story)

Source Quests and Campaigns pg. 7
You seek an artifact—either a specific one or merely any item of legendary prowess—with dogged tenacity.

Prerequisites: You must have come within sight of a legendary artifact at some point in your past.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Use Magic Device checks when emulating a class feature, ability score, race, or alignment. If you have 10 or more ranks in Use Magic Device, this bonus increases to +4. In addition, once per day, instead of attempting a Use Magic Device check normally, you can choose to determine the result as if you had rolled a 15. If you have 10 or more ranks in Use Magic Device, you can use this ability twice per day.

Goal: Claim ownership of an artifact.

Completion Benefit: You learn how to coax the most out of your magic items. Three times per day when you activate a use-activated or command word magic item, you can increase the item’s effective caster level by +2 as a free action. You can use this ability once per round.

Suggested Traits: Dangerously CuriousAPG, Fortunate, Secret-Keeper.

Possible Artifact Hunter Quests

1You seek to wrest the missing piece of the long-shattered Shield of Aroden from the lich-king Tar-Baphon, restore the artifact to its original power, and use it to slay that greatest of evils once and for all (page 300).
2You’ve read extensive reports in the Pathfinder Chronicles of the lost city of Ninshabur in Casmaron, and you’ve determined to search for the myriad artifacts that supposedly still lay dormant beneath the rubble of that forsaken metropolis (page 206).
3Whether for reasons benevolent or malign, you’ve decided that the legendary blade Blackaxe has been carried by the nascent demon lord Treerazer for too long. You seek to claim the weapon for yourself, either so you may destroy it, use it for your own cruel ends, or simply to weaken the nascent demon lord himself (page 299).
4Someone has been stealing life-prolonging sun orchid elixir from agents of Pashow—and you’re hoping to get a vial for yourself (page 189).
5The haunted Crypt of Angus Amberleg is said to lie under the jungles of Mediogalti Island and contain the booty from over a hundred raided ships, including Amberleg’s knucklebone of fickle fortune (page 115).
6The dwarven siege engine Worldbreaker was lost by Taldor to the Gorilla King of the Mwangi Expanse ages ago, and it possibly still sits in the vaults beneath Usaro (page 183).
7It is well known that a deck of many things was used to construct Castle Everstand in Lastwall. You’re intent on figuring out what happened to the artifact afterward (page 99).
8A rift to the Shadow Plane in the Nidalese city of Ridwan may be a clue to the whereabouts of the legendary Shadowstaff (page 137).
9You have heard of the fabled wardstones that quarantine the demonic incursion stemming from the Worldwound, and you seek to claim one of these magical menhirs for your own purposes (page 301).
10The artifacts of ancient Azlant have long piqued your interest, and you are determined to find some of these relics for yourself, even if it means traveling to the sunken continent itself (page 12).
11You know that the elves used the power of the socalled Sovyrian Stone to accomplish a mass exodus from Golarion to their homeland in Sovyrian, but you seek to find this mysterious artifact to realize its powers for yourself (page 94).
12The elves of the Mordant Spire claim to be the true inheritors of the Azlanti legacy, including that peoples’ famous artifacts—an assertion with which you are at odds (page 181).